Heritage Entertainment Group


Talent Buyer & Entertainment Consultant

  • Discuss the details of your event, answer questions and work with you on determining your entertainment needs.
  • Provide a broad list of Artists in the genre that you feel best fits your event.
  • Check and confirm availability for the Artists that you are interested in.
  • Put together an offer in a way that best represents your needs and interests for the event.
  • Negotiate with the Artist's Agent and place the offer.
  • Once the offer is accepted, Integrity Events will go through the Artist contract and rider and make the appropriate changes on your behalf and send them to you for review and signature.
  • Facilitate the contractual process and any negotiations between the event, Artist, and agent.
  • Provide you with current Artists photos, bio, and other available publicity and/or media information to help you promote your event.
  • Remain available to you to answer any questions that may arise prior to the event and will retain copies of the contracts in order to answer questions from either the Artist or your organization.

Talent Buyer & Entertainment Consultant with on-site Coordination

  • All Entertainment Consultant & Talent Buyer services as listed above
  • A representative from Integrity Events will be on site to coordinate and ensure that your event runs smoothly and they will handle any issues or problems that may arise on the day of show.

Show Producer (Turn/Key)

  • All Talent Buyer & Entertainment Consultant Services and on-site services as listed above
  • Integrity Events will arrange and coordinate all of the necessary elements of the show, which include sound, lighting, staging, catering and artist transportation.

Exclusive Venue Talent Buyer / Consultant

One of Integrity Events' specialties is serving as exclusive talent buyer for venues; our clients include Casinos, Theatres, Performing Arts Centers, Fairs, and Festivals. This service is invaluable to venues that are looking to have a permanent presence in the concert & touring industry.

As a venue talent buyer we provide the venue with the convenience of going through one company for all of the venue's entertainment needs. Integrity Events works with Artist's agencies and management on a day-to-day basis, we are not only knowledgeable about what is going on in the concert and touring industry, we also provide your venue with more visibility, and in the forefront for potential routing opportunities. We will present entertainment ideas and routing opportunities to you, while also listening to your ideas and suggestions.

Please note that although Integrity Events Inc. is the venue's talent buyer, you remain in control of your venue and make all of the final entertainment decisions. We will take the burden of securing entertainment and also deal with the time-consuming paperwork, enabling you to concentrate on day-to-day operations, marketing, promotions, securing sponsorships, and selling tickets.


Our Process

No pressure - No hype - Just honest, accurate information

Integrity Events is always looking out for your best interests.
In the entertainment business you should have the peace of mind and security of knowing someone is looking out for your best interest.

No pressure — No hype — Just honest, accurate information


Integrity Events provides fast, accurate information to determine what will best suit your needs.
Deciding which artist(s) to use is half of the battle. We provide fast, accurate information to help you determine who best suits your needs, using the following criteria: genre, price, and availability.
In the entertainment business you should have the peace of mind and security of knowing someone is looking out for your best interest.


Integrity Events will secure the artist that best meets your needs. Once we have determined the artist who best meets your needs, we will then proceed with securing the artist. This process includes artist fee negotiation, making any appropriate alterations to the Artist’s contract, and handling all necessary paperwork.


Integrity Events can coordinate all the necessary elements of the show, including lighting, staging, catering, artists, and much, much more.
We can coordinate all the necessary elements of the show (sound, lighting, staging, catering, artists, etc). During this time, we are providing you with all the necessary promo material from the artists, arranging time schedules, securing the production elements, and generally masterminding the entertainment portion of your event. The day of your event, we provide onsite supervision to ensure all the elements are handled in your best interests.


We are certain that we will save you money even with our fee included. All artist fees and production costs are detailed for your inspection. We promote honesty and integrity concerning all aspects of our business. Most of our competitors would not be comfortable opening their books to you.